Highlights (and lowlights) of the 2020 Online Conference


Our Mission Partners told us how God is at work across the world.

In Novi Sad, Serbia, people with a history of substance abuse have been transformed when they came to Christ in faith.

In Johannesburg, South Africa, a church leader from a "prosperity gospel" background is looking at the Scriptures with fresh eyes.

In Argentina, an enquirer's booklet based on the Gospel of Mark brought a man to tears as he read the Bible for the first time. 

Our Mission Partners also told us what they pray about, including both great national issues and domestic distractions: from the threat of violence at election-time in Uganda, to a family in South America who share their house with biting bugs. 

During the days of the Conference, one of our mission partners had his car window smashed by a would-be thief. 

The Conference was also a great place for us to meet and hear each other's news. Bridget Hathaway told us about a book which she has co-authored, with Flavian Kishekwa a Tanzanian colleague, on the theology of disability.

Included and Valued is published by Langham Global Library. 

Their reflections are have particular application to East Africa, but are relevant elsewhere also.